Why Do Most Homeowners Insurances Exclude Coverage for Sewer or Drain Water Backup?

  • Water backup losses are extremely common but preventable with maintenance and preventative measures by the homeowner. Water losses from plugged up toilets and clogged up drains can be prevented or minimized when home owners are observant and promptly repair sticking toilet bowls and clogged, slow running drains.
  • Water systems require periodic maintenance or reinvestment by the homeowner. Over time, every water drainage system becomes restricted with rust, deposits and accumulated debris. Drain fields become saturated and tree roots interfere with drainage. Without preventative maintenance, slow running drains won’t handle normal water flow or plug up completely.
  • Off premises sewage backups can be prevented with the installation of drain backflow preventers that are installed on your drain line. Unfortunately, many older homes did not have these preventers installed.
  • During flooding the water table rises and first causes water backup through sewers and drains. Since “flood” is an excluded coverage, the unendorsed homeowners insurance policy has this exclusion.