What is Self-Insured Retention?

If an umbrella policy provides coverage for circumstances that are excluded by an underlying policy (such as Personal Injury under a homeowners policy), the insured pays a selected retention limit, typically between $250 and $10,000 which acts like a deductible, and the insurance company pays the loss over that amount.

Additional Advantages:

  • Your Personal Umbrella Liability Policy provides Personal Injury and Property Damage protection:
    • Against libel, slander and defamation of character
    • Against mental anguish or mental injury
    • And while serving on a board, or as an officer of a religious charitable o nonprofit organization as long as it does not involve your business or profession

Since your other insurance policies would pay first, Personal Umbrella Liability insurance is relatively inexpensive in view of the degree to which it protects your lifestyle. The premium is based on the limits selected, your number of autos, residences, boats, etc. and the area where you live.